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Thursday, June 9, 2011

X-Men First Class

Saw this movie over the weekend and wanted to wait for it to digest before giving my opinion. And a few days later, I still love this movie. It gives a new rise to the X-Men franchise movies before never had. Finally we not only see the two 'leaders' of the mutants in their younger years, but the story is also actually good with a nice dose of super cool use of their powers.

So for any of you out there doubtful of going to see this film because you have been traumatized by the four recent X-Men crap fests, don't worry. X-Men First Class is actually good. I really thought for a moment that that movie focused a lot on Magneto (I love magneto and would join him in a second mind you). Other than that the characters were flushed out, just wish they use older versions of the mutants in the next movie. Nowadays everyone is leaning toward 20 something teens that are to wrapped up in their own emo reality it becomes too daunting. I just want some plain good ole fashion ass kicking from adults who are still trying to learn from their powers while knowing what the hell they want in life.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Earth Review

So I was scrolling through rotten tomatoes for something interesting. Checking out how the movies in theaters are doing, what's going to be or is good and what not when I come across the trailer for this movie "Another Earth".

The premise in the summary I read after I saw the trailer and I still wish I had instead read it instead of being a lazy bum and going for the visuals first. My five minutes of wasted life would have thanked me. Now I didn't see the film only the trailer and I'm already disappointed. I've seen a lot of movies and I still love them, so I'm no hardened critic.

Any way the movie is about a world where there is an Earth 2 and there's another version of everyone on this planet.  This girl who has a mess of a life wants to go there to see if her other self did any better. While the music and scenes seem gripping, the story line is obvious and will surely make the film fall flat.

The movie is supposed to be a sci fi flick but of course the trailer shows her falling in love with some guy (she killed his family in a car accident....while staring out at Earth 2...). I thought she was a drunk party girl but no she just hits them on accident and then is sad but not sad enough to fall for the dude that survives. So I'm sure the movie will show her being sad, him finding out and being angry, and the audience never getting to see this cool freaking Earth 2 that might and could be so different from ours.

All because she (for whatever reason) falls in love with the guy whose family she killed. Come on.

First Post!!!

So this is my first post of many to my new and improved blog. I plan to blog a lot given my passion for writing, sometimes ranting, and reading. I hope you all enjoy your time spent here reading what I post. I have some strong opinions and can't wait to share them.

I also have found myself reading or looking at stuff lately wanting to post my thoughts and Bing! I remembered we live in a world of blogs where I can actually do that. I'm mostly a homebody (not by choice) so I'll try to find something interesting everyday to write about.

Welcome to My Blog.